I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Eric.  Having someone really listen to me, to really understand what I was saying, was a true breath of fresh air.  With just a few well-worded questions, he can get to the root of the issue very quickly; he can challenge you if he feels you are off course, and he provides tremendous support to his clients in the pursuit of their goals.  We conducted our sessions over Skype – this was fantastic, as I could “be with” Eric without having to leave home – location is no longer a barrier!  If you have an issue that you’ve been working on for a while without success, and you are serious about finding and maintaining a solution, I encourage you to engage Eric as your coach.

Jan Osmond

Sydney, Australia

Eric Semel has provided me with extensive and invaluable guidance and coaching on all matters affecting my nutrition, health and overall wellness. In my experience, Eric’s coaching is very personally-oriented and addresses the whole person. His counseling addresses both my physical well-being, on matters ranging from diet to vitamins and supplements to exercise, and my mental well-being, for which his recommendations have included meditation. I trust Eric implicitly, and turn to him regularly for coaching and advice in all areas relating to my physical and mental health.

Richard Schwartz

Brooklyn , New York

Eric’s approach to wellness is exactly how it should be — compassionate, organic and inspired. Eric is incredibly sympathetic and makes sure his wellness plan is adapted to suit each individual’s lifestyle and situation. As a busy musician with a hectic travel schedule, Eric’s counsel has been hugely helpful and really made a difference. I used to be constantly sick from flying. Since working with This Is Longevity I’ve seen this completely turn around! Eric has provided fantastic insights and support for other family members, as well. I highly recommend Eric and This Is Longevity.

Spencer Day


Eric and I have been working together for about 3 months; he has been helping me in the area of wellness. I find Eric to be a great listener, calm, responsive and very practical in his approach. He is also an easy person to open up to. I have worked with other coaches and he is definitely the best match for me. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Alison Moore

Boston, MA

Eric recommends wonderful books, works with you on how to exercise, how and what to cook. He goes through it with you step-by-step. His gentle manner makes you feel comfortable…  Eric Semel is a superb wellness coach and I highly recommend him.

E. Fout

Hudson, NY

I found Eric to be compassionate, sensitive and helpful coaching me through a painful crisis involving a loved one.  He aided me in soliciting the resources available to me bringing comfort and courage to move forward spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Donna Early

Atlanta, Georgia

Eric’s has fully engaged me as a client. He’s extremely knowledgeable in the areas of proper nutrition, supplementation, stress management, insomnia issues and exercise regimes.


New Jersey

If you have some phobic vision of coaching as a kind of tough love/boot camp experience, you’ll LOVE Eric’s supportive approach. He conveys a great wealth of knowledge and authority, and has no “agenda” other than to tailor a program that works for YOU.


New York, NY