One Tip to Change Your Health Forever!





If you’re like most of us, you want to feel healthier, to live longer, to look fantastic, and to do it all without being stressed about health all the time.

Well, you can. No, really, you can.

And there’s one secret I’m going to share with you that will make this possible. Ready for it?

Stop doing things you don’t like.

  • Doing things you don’t like is not fun, and things that aren’t fun are less likely to become habits for life
  • Everything you dislike doing that you’re doing in the name of health, associates negativity with health in your mind, so even the thought of health becomes a negatively charged emotional experience
  • Whatever the things are that you’re doing that you don’t like – there is an alternative, that you WILL like, that will get you results. You just have to get creative and figure it out.
  • Each person is unique – what works for Sally might feel awful to you, and that’s okay – no reason to torture yourself forever.

Health matters. And health can, and should, be fun!

This issue tends to come up a lot around weight loss, where people will put themselves through all kinds of torture to get into a smaller size pants…and then end up gaining the weight back (plus some!) because they don’t want to be miserable forever. Well, who can blame them? I don’t want to hate the things I do, either!  

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