Long Live Meditators!

Last year I began a daily meditation practice through the auspices of the Shambahla Meditation center in NYC. Much has been written about the benefits of meditation, even suggesting that meditators live longer and have bigger brains.

One study found that after a three month stay at a meditation center people showed higher levels of an enzyme associated with longevity. Although these folks meditated for six hours per day for 90 days, you can gain tremendous benefits from 30 minutes (or less) per day.

Recently, a team of doctors (including Mark Hyman, Dean Ornish & Mehmet Oz) along with the Dalai Lama assembled in Woodstock, NY for a conference to study longevity and Tibetan medicine. The attendees studied the relationship between the science of longevity and wellness and the Tibetan practices of meditation and training the mind. They looked at regeneration of the body, protection from illness and general well-being.

The group honed in on the relationship between the nervous system and health and aging and the connection between the immune system and health. They specifically examined how the immune system is controlled by a nerve called the vagus nerve, which travels from the brain to all of your organs. This nerve can be activated through relaxation and meditation, among other practices. This can assist you in aiding your immune system, reducing inflammation and possibly preventing disease and slowing down the aging process. The conference attendees also looked at how our bodies can regenerate at any age. They concluded that we have the power to create new cells and renew our organ tissues…at any age!

The conference outlined a few tips to activate the vagus nerve and slow aging, including:

• Meditation
• Stretching
• Massage
• Connecting with nature
• Sex
• Journaling

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