What Are Your Reasons?

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Get in Shape?
  • Assess current fitness level, lifestyle and exercise interests
  • Set achievable and fun fitness plan and goals
  • Tools to measure your progress and success
  • Identify obstacles and overcome them
  • Wellness Coach supports, encourages, challenges and motivates
Reduce Stress?
  • Understand thoughts, perceptions and events that create stress
  • Development of self-observation and self-awareness
  • Learn how you respond to events in your life
  • Recognize how you can best manage your stress
  • Select and implement tools and techniques and incorporate into your day
  • Achieve more balance in your life
  • Wellness Coach supports, encourages, challenges and motivates
Eat Better?
  • Learn to make healthy nutritional choices
  • Provide information about what makes a healthy choice
  • Understand what your current choices are and why you make them
  • Create a plan to introduce healthy choices that fit personal preferences and needs
  • Learn to shop, dine out and cook for better nutrition
  • Understand the basics of the dietary recommendations and guidelines
  • Wellness Coach supports, encourages, challenges and motivates
Stop Smoking?
  • Stop for the short term and maintain for life
  • Identify the reasons why you smoke and the obstacles to becoming smoke-free
  • Plan of action for a step-by-step process to achieve your goal
  • Support existing program with personal assistance
  • Wellness Coach works with you to be successful
Manage a Chronic Health Issue?
  • Manage chronic condition by enhancing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Make changes to: exercise, nutrition, stress, weight, and/or smoking
  • For clients with: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, back pain, and more
  • Achieve changes that significantly impact ability to control advancement of disease
  • Understand current lifestyle choices and how they affect your disease
  • Discover obstacles to past and present goal achievement and overcome them
  • Begin and maintain new healthy behaviors to improve quality of life
  • Wellness Coach supports, encourages, challenges and motivates


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